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What is the Mental Health Spot?

Work/school deadlines. Keeping the peace with your family. Relationship Issues. The daily chores and errands that pile up. Your list of things to juggle can go on and on. Where do you fall on that priority list? For a lot of people, maintaining one’s mental health is at the very bottom of that list. For others, their own well-being doesn’t even register. Well, here’s your reminder to prioritize yourself, your emotional well-being, and the relationships that nurture it. Here’s the spot where we say the things that go unsaid and acknowledge the things that are usually ignored. A place dedicated to exploring a long-neglected topic: your mental health. The first step is to give yourself permission to begin the conversation. So let’s start. No matter where you are on your mental health journey and no matter if you’re on the couch at home or on the go commuting to work. Join me for either online individual therapy sessions, couples therapy, family therapy, parenting/co-parenting education and/or support groups where I can meet you where you’re at.

About me & My Practice

My name is Olivia Lima and I am the founder of the Mental Health Spot. I am a licensed Latinx, millennial mental health therapist, and certified clinical trauma professional. I have extensive training in behavior modification, crisis management, gender education, trauma-informed care, domestic violence, and suicide assessments. If you have experienced post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, panic, relationship issues, family issues, workplace conflict, and/or bullying, this is the mental health spot for you. I provide treatment for all ages including school-age children, adolescents, and adults. My therapeutic approach is developed with each particular client in mind. After all, therapy is not a “one size fits all” method. I provide culturally sensitive services, and I am an ally for the LGBTQ+ and POC communities. My goal is to create an experience that is fun, enlightening, and meaningful for you. Ultimately, therapy is not a one-way street. It’s a dialogue. I am fully receptive to your feedback and look forward to receiving it as a way to continue growing as a clinician and providing you with better care.

I aim to provide affordable mental health services in an effort to make therapy accessible. We can discuss payment arrangements if you need the extra assistance. It is time for you to prioritize your mental health. You deserve it!


All sessions are 60 minutes in length. All sessions take place virtually on a platform that is HIPPA compliant, which ensures your health information is kept confidential and protected. It also ensures that we can meet conveniently wherever you have internet access. Insurance is not accepted.

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Your mental health journey doesn’t conclude at the end of a 60-minute session. Here are some free resources for you to explore that can provide relief during challenging moments. Wherever you are in your journey, know that you are not alone and there are resources available to you.


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